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Jake Peacock

Jake Peacock Takes the World Head On

Jake Peacock is one of the best fighters in the world.

He has won the WBC Canadian Welterweight title, North American Super-Welterweight title, and the European Super-Welterweight title.

He accomplished all of this with one hand.

Photograph: ONE Championship

Peacock’s amniotic band wrapped around his arm in the early stages of development and hindered its growth.

He was born with an unexpected congenital amputation and is missing his right forearm. “People ask me about it all the time. I just get on with it and fight,” he said.

The South London native started learning self defense at the age of seven after his parents signed him up. The rougher part of town helped toughen the fighter up. Several years later he began competing in sport karate.

In his teenage years he switched to kyokushin karate and competed at a high level in the international circuit.

At 15 his family picked up and moved to Canada in an effort to thwart the attention his father garnered for being a former professional soccer player.

After he turned 18 he switched sports once again.

“I wanted something more and I found muay thai, which is honestly the most complete stand up sport there is,” said Peacock.

Photo: Neil Davidson

It is 12 years later, and Peacock is now a professional muay thai fighter with a record of 13-1, 11 of those by way of knockout, and he recently made his debut on ONE Championship, which he won by unanimous decision.

“I completely dominated and ran away with the fight. I did a lot of damage to the guy and took no damage myself,” he said.

Photograph: ONE Championship

He could have put his opponent away at any moment during the fight according to Peacock.

“I’m honestly glad it went three rounds,” he said. “I settled into the big stage and showcased what I can do. I boxed, I kicked, I clinched, I pulled out some fancy stuff, I kept it simple.”

Before the fight, when his record was still 12-1, Peacock knew victory was imminent. In his notes app he wrote “13-1. ONE debut, show the world what I’m capable of.”

This is a testament to the confidence and belief that Peacock has in himself. Others might think he’d be better off with an extra arm, but he begs to differ.

“Mentally I have the advantage because growing up with one hand made me hard, made me tough,” he said. “It forced me to think outside of the box, get gritty with certain things and overcome obstacles. I have a mental edge over everyone when I fight.”

Peacock believes that he will accomplish whatever he sets his sights on.
“I’m looking to climb up to the number one spot and anyone in my way I’m going to take out.”



Author: Dash Chaiyasen



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