“Dope!”. “Goes hard!”. “Straight gangster!” These are surely fitting descriptions for this custom and one-of-a-kind offering from Satrawoot. 

The design draws its title directly from the fighter who inspired it. David Huerta; whose love and devotion for the sport of Muay Thai is rivaled only by that of his family, friends and his home city: L.A. Make no mistake about it, life in L.A. can be unforgiving and David Huerta is as flawed as they come.



To Live & Die in L.A.

Skatedeck Limited Release

Skatedeck Limited Release


The Praying Hands at the base of the design represent his plea to the heavens for aid in surviving his own demons. The braided Mongkol draped between his thumbs are his savior, Muay Thai itself. His tattooed hand and knuckles are evidence of his pride as a fighter and a pure Angeleno. His moniker “King Tong” is boldly cast in the golden color of Ginger, a root that is found deep in the soil with properties both powerful and strong.


“Goes hard!"

But even with this design’s intricacy and “street-cred”, there’s still more lying beneath it’s surface.


“Straight gangster!”

Now, look closely beneath the hand tattoo; yes, closer still, that is a bridge, appropriately tagged with Satrawoot. It’s an homage to the 6th Street Bridge in Los Angeles, which albeit has been recently dismantled, will forever be a symbol of L.A. pride within the hearts of millions. The Navy Blue, White and Gold color palette is also an intentional nod to the LA Rams and UCLA institutions.

Our first initial concept design pitch to David.

Our first initial concept design pitch to David.

So, now you know. The next time you pull this tee over your head, whether you’re headed to the gym or the fights, you can rest easy knowing that David Huerta and all of L.A. has got your back.

words by: Charles of @teepthis