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611 South Catalina Street Suite 414
Los Angeles, CA, 90005
United States



SATRAA is an acronym for Staying Ambitious To Rule All Adversaries.

An adversary can represent either a physical enemy -- an opponent you are fighting against --  or a mental one, the fight to overcome your own demons.  This is where our “vs” (versus) "SA upside down" logo comes into play. It is You vs Your adversary.

Our Quality.

Based out of Los Angeles, CA we are artists, craftsmen and craftswomen who are passionate about the process of creating. Whether that be designing, writing, producing, competing, training or supporting the sport of Muay Thai and the world of Hip Hop. We favor unique design by blending the two genres together to create street wear reflecting the lifestyle we live and breathe.

Diversity in Muay Thai

SATRAA champions diversity in all of its forms. We believe Muay Thai has the power to bridge together people of diverse backgrounds, socioeconomic status, age, gender and sexual identity  all for the common love of the sport. We are one, we are Muay Thai.

What does Satrawoot | SATRAA mean?

Satrawoot (as the brand was formerly called) means weapon in Thai. The ancient word originates from the country of Siam, modern day Thailand. SATRAA is an acronym for Staying Ambitious To Rule All Adversaries. Playing to the concept of an adversary as a means to fuel your drive to never give up: Not on your goals, not on your dreams, not on yourself.  

What is the SATRAA Style?

Our style is rooted in and influenced by the grit and heart essential to both street art, and Muay Thai. Our designs focus on more subtle imagery and abstract calligraphy which allows the apparel to speak for itself. We take great pride that every design is created, and hand-printed in our home city of Los Angeles.